Gentle Original

Gentle Dog Food Original

Made with the revolutionary Cold Pressed Process this gentle with nature dog food is made of everything your dog needs in every stage of its life. Using only premium raw materials (note all meat and rice is thermally pre-treated in accordance with EU regulation 1069/2009) and pressing the food at 40-44 degrees for a few seconds, Gentle retains more natural key nutrients and enzymes than extruded food! Gentle breaks down much quicker in the dog’s stomach allowing them to access all of the goodness this food has to offer. Made from mainly Chicken, Rice and Duck, this product has a high quality meat content. With lower feeding guidelines than many other foods on top of being GM, chemical additive and preservative free Gentle dog food has most of the benefits of a natural diet but in a dry food form.

Shelf life up to six months.

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Gentle Dog Food 5Kg Bag: £34.00
Gentle Dog Food 15Kg Bag: £72.00
Gentle Dog Food (Two 15Kg Bags): £135.00