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LupoZeck - Tick Prevention

LupoZeck (Tick Prevention) can nutritionally help your dog with protecting against ticks in boosting the immune system and enhance cell protection. Acerola Cherry can support the positive effect of the herbs within this product. Cold pressed hemp oil can help with a healthy skin structure and ensure a beautiful coat. Help to protect your dog against ticks!

Feeding guideline ( 9 g measuring spoon included in container):
For dogs over 6 month
Up to 10 kg ½ spoon
10-20 kg ¾ spoon
20-40 kg 1 spoon
40-60 kg 1.5 spoons
Over 60 kg 2 spoons

Store in cool and dry conditions.

LupoZeck (1000g): £35.00

GelenkKraft - Joint power

The Luposan Joint supplement range in form of powder, pellets or tablets was specially developed for dog joints. It is designed based on natural ingredients and essential amino acids. The interacting combination with Luposan Joint Power containing green lipped mussel meat extract , gelatine, algae and other high quality vital substances is manufactured in a special and extremely gentle process. Additional and effective constituents complete this product, which is made in Germany and is free from animal experimentation.

Daily Feeding recommendation:
1 scoop = 12g
up to 10 kg body weight ¼ scoop (3g)
up to 20 kg body weight ½ scoop (6g)
up to 30 kg body weight ¾ scoop (9g)
up to 50 kg body weight 1 scoop (12g)
up to 80 kg body weight 2 scoops (24g)
This amount can be doubled in case of serious imbalances.

GelenkKraft Classic - Joint 20 (1000g): £36.00
GelenkKraft Concentrate - Joint 30 (1100g): £45.00
GelenkKraft Concentrate - Joint 30 (2700g): £79.00
GelenkKraft Double Strength Tablets - Joint 40 (400g): £45.00