Gentle Goat

Gentle Goat Dog Food

Gentle Goat - Goat Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes

Gentle Goat mixes great quality goat meat with wonderful vegetables and oils to create the perfect cold pressed dog food for any dog.

Feeding recommendations The recommended amount of food per day in equivalent to about 1-1.2 % of the adult dogs body weight per day. Puppies and young dogs may need up to 2.5% of their weight / day. This is a guideline only. The actual nutritional requirement depends on the activity level, breed and age of the dog. Fresh water must be available at all times.

This is a natural dog food and needs “to breathe”, store in cool and dry conditions and in a none airtight container.

All meat products are treated in relation of the EU law 1069/2009 .

Shelf life up to six months.

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Gentle Goat Dog Food (5Kg Bag): £41.00
Gentle Goat Dog Food (14Kg Bag): £87.50
Gentle Goat Dog Food (Two 14Kg Bags): £165.00
Gentle Fish Dog Food 14Kg Bag and Gentle Goat Dog Food 14Kg Bag: £165.00