Other Products

To complement our dog foods we have a growing number of products that work beautifully alongside them. From dental bones and water bowls through to supplements and toys. All of our food products are natural and cold pressed and break down with water.

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Gentle Pops

Gluten free, low fat brown rice treats with a centre of goodness.

Gentle Pops - Liver (40g): £2.98
Gentle Pops - Herbs (40g): £2.98
Gentle Pops - Green Lipped Mussel (40g): £2.98

Meat Treat

A new treat sausage for training. 80g. Flavours - Salmon, Chicken, Buffalo Meat and Cheese

Meat Treat - Salmon: £1.30
Meat Treat - Chicken: £1.30
Meat Treat - Buffalo: £1.30
Meat Treat - Meat and Cheese: £1.30

Gentle Treat

Lamb (75%) and beet root (25%). Perfect for dogs with allergies and digestive problems.

Limited edition only - while stocks last

Gentle Treat (100g): £3.50

Gentle Tiny Treat Bucket

Contains 50 g Gentle Small Bite, 12 micro bones plus reusable tiny bucket with handle. Not suitable for small puppies.

Gentle Tiny Treat Bucket: £3.90

Gentle Bodyguard

Gentle Bodyguard is manufactured using the ICEPRESSED process can nutritionally help the management of the organs such as heart, liver, kidneys and also can help nutritionally joints, eyes, nerves, membranes and the immune system.

Made with highly concentrated herbal extracts. This healthy natural addition to the food helps protect and boost your dog’s health. Just add a few pellets a day to keep the vet away.

Gentle Bodyguard: £17.50

Gentle Dental Bone

With a similar recipe to the Original Gentle dog food these dental bones are pressed even harder than the food to produce a tasty and nutritional bone. Not only do they clean your dog’s teeth they are also a handy meal in a bone! The small bone (47g) is half a day’s food for a 10KG dog and the large bone (118g) is half a day’s food for a 20KG dog. Perfect for travelling!

OFFER: Buy 15 Gentle Dental Bones (small) and we’ll send you a free Gentle Elite Toy

Gentle Dental Bone (Small, 47g): £1.99
Gentle Dental Bone (Small, 47g) x 15 with FREE Gentle Elite Toy: £29.85
Gentle Dental Bone (Large, 118g): £2.99

Gentle Elite Toy

Fun new toy! Just snap a small dental bone in half, insert in either side of the Elite and allow the fun to commence. Not suitable for small puppies. Bone not included

Gentle Elite Toy: £3.90

Gentle Dental Stick

Our Gentle Dental Bones are now available in stick form. Only in large! Very popular with larger dogs. Recipe is same as the bones.

Gentle Dental Stick (Large): £2.99

Gentle Micro Bones

Our Gentle Dental Bones are now available in micro form, just 5.5g each. Not suitable for puppies or very small dogs.

Gentle Micro Bones (Pack of 12): £2.90

Gentle Pure

Pure single protein food for dogs to complement Gentle cold pressed dog food. 100% pure meat. Please take into account the recommended correct feeding ratio for dogs : 70-80% animal products and 20-30% plant ingredients if you are making a mix.

Gentle Pure (400g): £2.95
Gentle Pure Box (14 x 400g): £40.00

Gentle Shine

The ongoing use of Gentle Shine keeps skin and coat in optimal condition all year round. Contains all essential unsaturated fatty acids including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Lecithin.

Gentle Shine (250ml): £13.00
Gentle Shine (500ml): £22.50

Gentle Bag Sealer

Available in 2 colours , White and Blue

Gentle Bag Sealer (White): £7.50
Gentle Bag Sealer (Blue): £7.50

Gentle Chop2Bowl

Tired of carrying large dog bowls while travelling, camping etc.? Well the Chop2Bowl, a foldable travel bowl, may well be the solution. This versatile bowl starts off as a flat chopping board, perfect for storing/cleaning, but allows you in seconds to fold it up in the corners to reveal a practical and hygienic water/food bowl! Why not give it a try today.

Gentle Chop2Bowl: £3.99
Gentle Chop2Bowl (Two Pack): £7.50

Gentle Thirst Alert

Ever found your K-9 friends giving you sad eyes next to the water bowl? We have all been there. This audio alert water bowl gives off a low beep and flashes whenever the water level drops below a certain marker. With 12-24 hour alert options and battery operation this bowl could be the answer!

OFFER: Reduced to from £19.90 to £12.50 whilst stocks last

Gentle Thirst Alert: £12.50

Tick Remover

Always be prepared with this handy tick remover. Keep in your wallet/purse or attach to a keyring.

Tick Remover (x1): £2.80
Tick Remover (x3): £6.00