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Since my Springer Blue ate palm oil on Exmouth beach 6 years ago we have had a never-ending battle with the dreaded pancreatitis. I've tried many different foods, dry and wet, raw and cooked but Gentle is the only food that has stabilized his condition. He still does have the occasional bout of it but it seems quicker to pass and rather than witholding food I feed him small helpings of Gentle throughout. It's helped us go from week long bouts where he's had to be put on nil by mouth and a drip in the surgery, pumped full of opiates with vets bills of £600-1000... to 48 hours at home on paracetamol. I'm not saying it will work for everyone but Gentle has made a world of difference to us and our long suffering Blue. Maia Hall
We went to Sig and Vivs in Dinas Powys after someone recommended we try raw feeding. I went and got some plain Turkey raw which apparently all dogs love but Zelda wouldn't touch it, plus it was messy and gross. I went back to Sig and Vivs and they recommended Gentle and gave me some samples to try. Zelda loves it, it's not a battle to get her to eat at all, plus the consistency of her poop is amazing. She hasn't pooped the bed (apart she's been ill with a tummy bug) since we started using it. zeldapooch
This is little Ralffie, after having had lots of trouble with his tummy and terribly itchy face and feet Gentle was recommended to me by Mel. He went onto the fish which showed so improvement in him but something still wasn't quite right. After some blood tests it turned out, among lots of other things, he was borderline intolerant to potato and rice. I switched him on to the Goat and haven't looked back. He's steadily gaining weight, has a lovely coat and plenty of energy. He still has a little itch of his face at times but is sooo much better and at long last ..... Lovely. Ralffie's owner
A couple of weeks ago you sent a sample pack of the goat food for Sky, my dog who has Mega Oesophagus, to try as she always has the original and I didn't want to upset her routine. She LOVED it and I will be buying more when the bag of original which I have now is finished. I always recommend your food to any Mega esophagus sufferers - easy to mix to a mulch and very nutritious. Sky's owner
I had to tell you the fantastic news !!! Since being on Gentle Goat for only one week Lola is like a new dog !! She is enjoying the food & I have been adding the pro biotic to one meal a day along with the colloidal Silver on her belly. I've attached a before & after photo (took this morning) Thank you so much for your help & advise. We are so happy for her! Lola's owner
Just wanted to tell you that after ordering one each for my two dogs of your new bones with my previous order of food, I have to tell you how excited they were to finally be allowed something to be allowed to gnaw on and consume in the way a dog would in the wild - it was a heartwarming sight after having had such dreadful anxiety surrounding the dachshund's food for the past two and a half years. I've recommended Gentle to everyone we know with dogs because now we no longer use extruded dog foods, their stools are easy to pick up, they eat all their meals and I think the cold pressing method makes so much more sense with regard to preserving nutrients, vitamins/minerals and flavour.

My dachshund has serious gastric issues including having a very deformed stomach exit, which means other foods can't get out of the overgrown, misshapen folds at the exit from his stomach and this causes him to produce excess acid in an attempt to digest them more quickly. The excess acid got so bad that despite daily medication, his stomach lining became extremely fragile and actually shed itself causing him intense pain and misery - we may have had to have had him put to sleep if we hadn't found Gentle. Because it returns to its previous ground state when chewed and swallowed, it doesn't pose him any problems and for the first time in three years, we have been able to take him off ALL his medications because he is a happy, comfortable, pain free dog on his new diet alone. He has been off his medications for about three months now. We cannot give him any treats, so to be able to give him a long lasting, satisfying bone made from the same ingredients was wonderful. He actually spent the first few minutes with it, rolling around on the floor and rubbing his face all over it, so it must have smelt great!!

Anyway, all credit to you for producing such a superb quality of dog food - I am a keen cook and only ever start from scratch with fresh produce - this is the first time I have ever been able to say that I honestly believe I am feeding my dogs every bit as well as I feed my children, so thank you very much. I wish you every success with the brand and hope you continue to make Gentle for many years to come. Allie, Mischief and Saveloy
Just wanted to let you know how we are getting on with Gentle. All the dogs love it, but didn't doubt that they would being labs and a retriever! They seem to be drinking a bit more, probably because I used to soak the dry extruded. Dylan, my black lab, has had trouble in the past with anal glands, but the other night he got into a bit of a pickle, not knowing whether to bite, scratch or shuffle. Unfortunately, they emptied in the lounge, but hopefully now the problem is resolved, thanks to Gentle.

Also my retriever, with the allergies, has not started chewing his feet after his meal as previously when on fish and potato, which was supposed to be the only things he wasn't allergic to! I have even left his Elizabethan collar off at night.

I have just ordered my second bag, so am surprised at such a quick result. Thank you very much. I am starting my own training classes very soon and will recommend Gentle to my clients. Janet, London
Hi there, I have just received my second bag of your Gentle Dog Food. I have a just over four month old Saluki cross Whippet, Abel. Having owned a Whippet before I know how fastidious they can be and how hard it is to get weight on them. Another dog food sales person recommended the site "Which Dog Food" and I found you there.

I am delighted with your product! My puppy is glossy with health and has gained 2kg in 4 weeks which my vet says is extremely good for this breed. Abel is happy as the day is long. His coat is super glossy and he is completely toilet trained even in a third floor flat :) He has an active life as I have horses too and his energy levels are high without being "hyper". I am so happy with the results I would like to share them with my friends on the Facebook page "Whippet Appreciation Society".

Also, as a less glamorous aside I would like to say that he (and I) NEVER suffers from any gassy smells. I just wish you made the same product for horses as I am sure they would all look equally as well conditioned from a vegetarian equivalent. Many thanks, you make my day, every day. Nicola and Abel
Here at Rio Vista we have been trying to find the best of the best for our small breeds and as you can see from our amazing Maltese Terriers Gentle food with water added is delicious! From young to old, pregnant to nursing, fussy to fat all of our small breeds absolutely love Gentle. NEVER do we have any left in the bowls after feeding time. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us here at Rio Vista. Very pleased and the personal service has been excellent. Well done Gentle Dog Food. And Thank You.xx Nicola and Abel
Second feeding of my dogs with Gentle. Oscar takes over Zenna’s bowl. This has never happened before!!! Both love the food and tummies are OK. Ulla Bush, Cornwall
I first heard of Gentle dog food whilst visiting Crufts 2013. I was amazed that the food contained a high percentage of green lip mussel and that the food was easily absorbed unlike any other food on the market. I have Yorkshire Terriers who are in their senior stage of life, suffering from joint related problems. The food has given them vitality and upped their energy levels. Their fecal matter is a lot smaller so they don't suffer from bloatiness. Sarah (2 Yorkshire Terriers), London
Seven equal sized puppies were born to a border collie bitch feeding on Gentle. Mum and pups are doing fine. Her owners comment: "Another thing Gentle has done to her is that she is much calmer... before she was like a teenager on Red Bull and M&M's - mad. Now she is very calm." Gwyn from Wales
We've been really impressed with the way the dogs are looking after changing to Gentle. They both look incredibly healthy - good work. Anton
Hi, I have been feeding Hope and Blake on Gentle since Crufts 2013. Blake is a VERY fussy eater and it is wonderful to find a food he enjoys. Hope is spayed and therefore her coat can look dry and fluffy, but since she has been on the Gentle food her coat is looking really good, and I have not needed to give her any supplements. Many thanks for a great food and great service. Chris
Holly is a crossbreed rescue - apparently a lab cross collie. She is roughly 7 months old. We have been feeding her Gentle for about 1 month now and have noticed the following points:

For a start she absolutely loves the food! We do also feed her raw bones as well which she equally loves! Her coat has a great shine to it and is very soft which is great as she does not like being brushed!

Her stools are very solid which makes life so much easier. She was being fed on a grain free diet before which she also did very well on. I would be very happy to continue feeding Holly Gentle as she has done so well on it. Jackie Brinkler